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Finding the right chandelier for a space can be quite the task. INTEX DZGN offers you chandelier designs that are sleek, sophisticated and nothing short of exquisite. With fantastic new features like customized lighting, our designs help you make a remarkable fashion statement while still being more than just a showpiece. Look forward to trendy items inspired by times gone by with geometric patterns, jewel facades and nature-centric designs.

For more information on our one-of-a-kind chandeliers, call INTEX DZGN at 416 831 0535.

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When choosing a vase for your home or office, it takes more than merely finding one that is a suitable shape or size. A vase is a piece of art that can make or break the décor around it. From simple designs to extravagant masterpieces, INTEX DZGN has it all! We design vases suitable for garden parties, a slightly bare stairwell corner or even the centre piece in your contemporary living room. Made out of truly unique materials which reflect elegance, confidence or life itself, our designers bring you the very best in Toronto.

If you are looking for a signature piece to decorate your patio or lobby, contact our team of experts at INTEX DZGN today!

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Murano glass is a famous product of the Venetian Island of Murano. Located off shore of Venice, Italy, Murano has been a commercial port as far back as the 7th century. By the 10th century, the city had become well known for its glassmakers, who created unique Murano glass.

While Murano glassmakers have settled and operate elsewhere, some say authentic Murano glass is fabricated only in Murano. INTEX DZGN decided to rely on a traditional MURANO GLASS PRODUCTION Co, a modern company that knows how to produce and select the best designs on the market. We offer custom made Murano Chandeliers, Murano Accent Vases and Murano Jewelry all designed by famous Italian architects and designers.