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Our team of skilled designers at INTEX DZGN is dedicated to providing clients with a range of services including decorative design, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and interior design for small businesses. With years of experience in furniture design, you can count on us for high quality furniture that suits your exact needs.

What can you expect from INTEX DZGN?

  • Aesthetics: Be it furniture to fit your home, office or garden space, our specialists will bring your dream to fruition. Depending on the room and the desired look and feel, we offer you a range of products – wood, metal, wicker, etc. We guarantee that your designer furniture will blend in elegantly with the rest of the room. Our designs are simple and sophisticated while still being original.
  • Durability: Our products are made from high quality materials that last long. Whether they are desks for your home office or hardwood cabinets for a new kitchen, you can count on INTEX DZGN for furniture that is durable and highly resistant to attacks from the elements.
  • Comfort: Any space that you are going to spend a good amount of time in has to be fitted with ergonomic furniture. Our specialists know how to put in chairs that provide suitable lumbar support and tables with sufficient leg room. Besides this, you don’t want your kitchen cabinets to be too high to reach or your portable book shelf to be too heavy. That’s where INTEX DZGN can help make your indoor space comfortable in every respect.
  • Functionality: Furniture always has to be picked with functionality in mind. You want a set of chairs that occupy minimal space but are big enough to provide relaxation. At our firm, our team is committed to designing furniture and arranging it a manner that maximizes on the available space without making the room look bare or cluttered. We know—kitchen cabinets work quite differently from a home bar and we make sure to always pick pieces that fit well within the context and usage of the room.

For more information about our simple yet sophisticated furniture designs, get in touch with INTEX DZGN today! Call us at 416 831 0535 or fill out an online form to know more about our other services in Toronto, Ontario.

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